The Things They Carried

       An intimate place can provide individuals space and experience in the chapter of Intimate Experiences of Place. Tuan mentions that people have intimate experience to certain objects and places which make them feel comfortable and fulfill their needs as a space of their lives. They will depend on what they believe the object or place can recover their injuries and expose new experience. This idea relates to the story, The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien tells that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is the main character who carrying the letter and picture of Martha with him during the war. Martha is significant to him because he can’t measure the number of weight how he has loved her. However, the narrator explains the weight of every objects he and his company on carrying like the equipments of weapon, and personal objects. This sort of information leaves a message of how important thing belong to all the soldiers, when they are in risky of their lives in the war. Obviously, everything all the soldiers are carrying that represents their intimate home or object which can keep them safe.

        Tuan states that “A person can find security and nourishment in objects, localities, and even in the pursuit of ideas” (138). This emphasizes that everyone will pursue his/her needs and desires depending on the intimate objects and place that he/she feel significant in life. As it clarifies that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross the way he takes care of the letter as part of the love from Martha; the pebble he tastes in mouth all the time as the good luck and wish Martha has given; those two pictures reminds him the beauty and love that he wants from Martha. Nevertheless, the true meaning behinds those objects is not considered the way Lieutenant Jimmy thinking, they are the space and the sense of security to protect him in the war and he always believe they are representing the love of Martha.

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