The Snow of Kilimanjaro

      From Tuan’s chapter Time in Experiential Space, he classifies that space is associating with time in different aspects of life. Time is measure of length as well as distance that an individual can recognize his/her incident at several periods of time; past, present and future. Like Tuan mentions about time can be identified by manifested (objective) and manifesting (subjective), which an individual experiences the distinct timing relating to personal feelings, space and place in complex events. Those ideas of Tuan can be explained in the story of The Snow of Kilimanjaro by Earnest Hemingway; he tells that Harry is the main character who is suffering with the infection of his lag in the mountain with his wife and they are waiting for the rescuing plane to help them. During this period of time, Harry has flashback about what he has done in the past and mentions about the historical life of his wife. Unfortunately, Harry never escapes the hell and his dead is caused by the infected leg while he is imagining his life has been saved by the rescue plane.

      When Tuan mentions about a person is influenced by the symbolic objects that reflect certain period of time in the past; “Time, symbolized by far objects in a person’s present visual field, could be contemplated” (124). This implies the drinking habit is a symbol to represent the past life of Harry’s wife. When Harry wants a drink to ease his pain, he remembers about the terrible life of his wife in the past that she was drunk to sleep and depended on alcoholic much more than everyone could imagine.

      Subjective and objective is two principles of ideas to view time period of events. It tells the difference between subjective and objective, which is referring to mental and future. This relates to the imagination and memories of Harry when he is struggle with his illness. According to the principle of subjective, it creates the open space of Harry’s thought that he is thinking about the present about his loving story with his wife. Also, Harry has objectively imagined about the landmark of the whole mountain, blizzard and locus while he is riding the plane.

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