Young Goodman Brown

       Mythical space is another concept of understanding space and place according to the chapter Mythical Space and Place by Yi-Fu Tuan. When Tuan discusses that mythical space is the term to interpret individual human characteristics associating to the natural and society. In the story, Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne tells Goodman Brown has his desire of journey to be accomplished before the day of sunrise. In the meantime, Faith, his wife wants him to stay with her overnight at the time of sunset. This is totally different aspect of feeling in Goodman Brown’s mind that he wants to stay with Faith, but he is not allowed. He is a Christian that fulfillment and certain beliefs are necessary to be satisfied and followed. “Oriented mythical space differs greatly in detail from one culture to another, but it has certain general characteristics” (Tuan 91). Tuan reveals that individuals involve cultural characteristics that they have special meaning to view and pursue various objects of the world. This implies that Goodman Brown needs to pursue his desire to begin with his journey rather than being with his wife.

      When Goodman Brown travel to the forest which gives him unexpected environment makes him feeling terrified of devil behind the trees. Also, on the way of the journey, he has met many companies who even encourage him to move forward and help him with all staffs. By the time, Goodman Brown stops under the trees to view everything surrounding him and thinking about the decision he has made of leaving the wife behind. He uses his body as the central space to figure out the sky, the tress, the sound, the star, the wind and Faith. All of them are meaningful to him in certain level of experience that indicates another kind of his characteristics. “Other general characteristics organize the forces of nature and society by associating them with significant locations or places within the spatial system” (Tuan 91). Tuan interprets that the natural environment surrounding an individual can be specified particular landmarks and perceives their own sense of mythical place through personality knowledge into this small part of the world.

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